Line of Intervention Support Framework 2

Strengthening administrative capacity for Environmental Incidence Assessments (EIncA)

Sustainable Land Use

EIncAs are the preventive procedures to which it is compulsory to submit any plan, project or intervention that may have a significant impact on current or proposed Natura 2000 network sites, individually or in conjunction with other plans and projects, taking into account the conservation objectives of the site.

Natura 2000 Network

Incidence Assessments are designed for the Natura 2000 Network. They were introduced by the Directive 92/43/EEC “Habitat” Article 6, paragraph 3, and they apply to both the inside and outside of the sites involved. The Habitats Directive instituted the European Ecological Network, 'Natu-ra 2000', in Article 3.

Sharing of Experiences

The QS2 Line of Intervention aims to strengthen both the administrative capacity of the bodies delegated to EIncA and participatory processes through the development of a national network for the sharing of local experiences.

The Line will principally act to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the evaluation procedure at national and regional levels, consistent with the objectives set out in the National Strategy for Biodiversity.


Ways to increase skills in terms of environmental sustainability of administrative action

  • LQS2 - Strengthening administrative capacity

    AQS2.1 - Sharing, diffusion and dissemination of territorial experiences in critical and potential issues of EIncA in different stages of the process: investigations and monitoring, full description of the effects on habitats and species of EU interest, as well as measures for mitigation and compensation. Focus on specific local cases and topics.

LQS2 line works in close synergy with the Line 1 – Supporting the management of Natura 2000 network sites included in the ‘Mettiamoci in RIGA’ Project.


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