Line of Intervention Support Framework 1

Actions to improve the effectiveness of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) processes for programmes, plans and projects.

Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)

SEA aims to integrate environmental principles into the elaboration and adoption of plans and programmes, ensuring the sustainability of choices being made.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

EIA aims to achieve high levels of protection and quality of the environment by advance assessment of the possible consequences of projects and interventions.

Quality of Environmental Assessments

The QS1 Line works to improve the capacity of administrations to carry out the environmental assessment procedures effectively and easily, applying uniform criteria throughout Italy. 

It aims to ensure adequate information on environmental assessment procedures in order to facilitate the active participation of citizens, to increase technical and procedural capabilities for environmental assessments and to share the out-comes of environmental monitoring .


Ways to increase skills in terms of environmental sustainability of administrative action

  • AQS1.1 - Strengthening the standard and quality of technical documentation

    Training activities, meetings, working tables and workshops to support region-al, provincial and municipal bodies that are responsible for environmental assess-ment processes. Drawing up documents containing operational guidelines, ad-vanced methodologies and decisional criteria based on international standards, and environmental frameworks of reference aimed at obtaining a higher quality of technical documentation.
  • AQS1.2 - Integration of environmental assessment processes

    Supporting actions for regional, provincial and municipal bodies that are responsible for environmental assessment processes through workshops, technical meetings and exchanges of experience aimed at improving the effectiveness of the integrated procedures of SEA-EIncA, EIA-EIncA, and SEA-EIA. Drawing up specific guidelines.
  • AQS1.3 - Streamlining of administrative bodies and regulatory adaptation

    Coaching activities and support for regions in the correct transposition of Directive n. 2014/52/EU. Drawing up of operational guidelines for the implementation of Directive 2014/52/EU at regional and local level and final evaluation of the effectiveness of guidelines and activities carried out.
  • AQS1.4 - Transparency and Participation

    Organisation of workshops and technical seminars on transparency and participation in environmental assessment processes to raise awareness of competent, proceeding and requesting authorities of the need for greater involvement of stakeholders and citizens. Drawing up and testing of ‘Charter of Intents’ on the implementation of transparent environmental assessment processes and collection of best practices. Coaching to regional administrations to provide technical and scientific support for the provision of correct and effective information to citizens, associations and PA on the state of procedures being evaluated, on the stage of implementation of plans and projects, and on their impact on the environment.
  • AQS1.5 - Strengthening governance for environmental monitoring of significant effects of plans and programmes and of the implementation of projects

    Organisation of working tables and technical meetings, coaching for regions and autonomous provinces in defining actors and their roles, subject matter, col-lection methods, timing and tools for monitoring of the significant effects of plans and programmes and the implementation of projects. Testing of tools to support environmental assessments in use in other PAs to test their effectiveness and repli-cability in different local contexts. Drawing up of guidelines to support environ-mental monitoring.
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Line QS1 works in close synergy with all of the CReIAMO PA Project lines and with the ➜ Mettiamoci in RIGA Project.


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