Line of intervention 7

Developing models and tools to manage sustainable urban mobility

Urban Mobility

As a necessary tool to tackle the concentrations of pollutants in the atmosphere, urban mobility planning must be aimed at improving citizens’ mobility.


Integrated mobility in an intermodal logic and use of alternatives to car, such as local public transport (LPT), bicycles, walking, rail and underground networks.

Routes and Mobility

By disseminating national and EU best practice, the action aims to raise the levels of knowledge and competence in the management of actions for sustainable mobility and the assessment of the effectiveness of those actions in terms of reducing pollutant emissions. The line operates in close coordination and synergy with the actions of Regional Operational Programmes and National Operational Programme "Metropolitan Cities 2014-2020".


Ways to increase skills in terms of the environmental sustainability of administrative action

  • L7 - Management tools

    A7.1 - Actions to provide tools to manage sustainable urban mobility. Production of technical-scientific annual reports on urban mobility with specific focus on: sustainable urban mobility plans; cycling mobility; city logistics; low-emission vehicle technologies; sharing mobility and mobility management. These reports are operational tools to support local administrations in designing policy planning procedures for sustainable urban mobility.

  • L7 - Training

    A7.2 - Training actions aimed at increasing the capacity of local governments to develop sustainable urban mobility. Training activities to analyse regulatory and economic aspects of governance and environmental impact. Setting up a virtual community in order to establish a network between public employees who have taken part in the training and to encourage initiatives for the comparison and exchange of information and good practices.

  • L7 - Dissemination

    A7.3 - Actions of dissemination to promote management policies for sustainable urban mobility. Dissemination events in cities with at least 50,000 inhabitants on specific issues related to management policies for urban mobility: plans for sustainable ur-ban mobility; cycling mobility; city logistics; low-emission vehicle technologies; sharing mobility and mobility management.

  • L7 - Coaching on the job (on demand)

    A7.4 - Coaching on the job (on demand) in drawing-up Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and implementing sustainable mobility actions.

    Organization of Working Tables and coaching on the job for local administrations in drawing-up Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans and in implementing sustainable mobility actions.


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