Line of intervention 5

Strengthening administrative capacity to adapt to climate change

Adaptation Plans

With the definition at local level of Climate Change Adaptation Plans, regions and autonomous provinces can direct the planning, design and implementation of sectoral interventions.

Solutions and interventions

The focus of interventions is on solutions that allow vulnerability and risk to be reduced and help increase resilience local resilience to climate change.

Adapting to changes

In order to address regional and local disparities in the implementation of ways to adapt to climate change, the general objective of the area of intervention is to strengthen the technical and administrative capacity of PA officials to prepare strategies and plans at local level for adapting to climate change.

  • Vulnerabilities and regional impacts of climate change, regional climate scenarios and priorities of action, roles and responsibilities for the implementation of actions and measures for adaptation.
  • Preferable options for adaptation, exploiting opportunities and synergies, adaptation indicators, evaluation and monitoring methods.

L5 cambiamenti climatici

Planned Actions

Ways to increase skills in terms of environmental sustainability of PA actions
  • L5 - Guidelines and methodologies

    A5.1 - Preparation of methodological documents for drawing up plans and strategies for adaptation to climate change at regional and local level and for the integration of territorial planning instruments.

    Carrying out an ad hoc study to assess adaptation costs.

  • L5 - Development of skills

    Training activities to disseminate the culture of adaptation and best practices developed both in some regions and at local level, and to guide less advanced administrations on how to draw up their own strategies and plans taking into account the issue of adapting to climate change.

Thematic links
La Line 5 acts in close synergy with the ➜ L2 WP1 (Implementation and monitoring of 2030 Agenda) and the ➜ LQS Action (Knowledge-Capitalizing Platform on experiences and disseminating results to replicate good practices for environment and climate) of ➜ Mettiamoci in RIGA Project.


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