Line of intervention 4

Procedures to curb atmospheric emissions from combustion of biomass for civil use

Heat Generators

Regions and autonomous provinces, through their air quality plans, can provide measures to reduce their environmental impact, in terms of air pollution from biomass heat generators.

Standards of Quality

The definition and implementation of actions at regional level, in coordination with the national level, is a useful opportunity to enact air quality improvements, in particular in areas where standards are exceeded.

Air Pollution

With a view to reducing pollutant emissions into the atmosphere, the objective of this line of intervention is to raise awareness among regions and local authorities of the negative effects on air quality that may result from an unregulated use of biomass in thermal plants for civil use, and to encourage using planning tools to identify measures that turn citizens' habits towards more efficient means of combustion.

Planned Actions

Ways to increase the ability of administrations in environmental sustainability.
  • L4 - Thematic Workshop

    A4.1 - Transfer to regions and local authorities of the know-how acquired from the Po Basin experience in the contribution of biomass combustion to overall emissions into the atmosphere and concentrations into the ambient air.

    The workshops will aim at improving national and local knowledge, developing and testing strategic methods and tools for the assessment of integrated air and climate policies in the domestic sector, to ensure greater integration of the protection of air quality in climate change programmes and policies.

  • L4 - Thematic Workshop

    A4.2 - Definition of procedures for monitoring the effectiveness of measures undertaken to reduce atmospheric emissions from biomass plants for civil use, to allow the updating of air quality plans.
  • L4 - Coaching on the job (on demand)

    A4.3 - Coaching on the job, with the involvement of officials from the ‘most virtuous’ regions, in particular those of the Po Basin, for reviewing air quality plans and setting out measures for the reduction of atmospheric emissions from biomass installations for civil use.
  • L4 - Dissemination

    A4.4 - Presentation of results with the involvement of Regions to illustrate methodologies and evaluations designed to include measures in air quality plans to be adopted for the reduction of air emissions from biomass plants for civilian use.


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