Line of intervention 3

Models and tools for the transition towards a circular economy

Integrated policy

Actions to develop and implement an integrated policy for a circular economy, through the definition and dissemination of standard models.

Management models

Environmental management models that, albeit increasingly used by enterprises, still fail to make their way into PA.

Waste management

Tools and actions aimed to expand and optimise management of the waste planning and prevention.

Production System

The transition towards a circular economy model offers the opportunity to make the production system more sustainable and competitive. The transition to a circular structure requires several changes in product design, in market and business models, in methods for converting waste into resources, in the consumption model. All this requires systemic change and strong innovation. A production system based on the circular economy requires an effective model of governance and must involve all actors who contribute to its definition: policy makers, public and private research bodies, enterprises and citizens.

Work Package

Ways to increase technical skills

Sustainable use of resources
Sustainable use of resources

L3 Circular economy - WP1

Public employees’ skills in the integrated policies and material flows.

Environmental management
Environmental management

L3 Circular economy - WP2

Promotion of environmental and energy management models in PA.

Waste management
Waste management

L3 Circular economy - WP3

Strengthening administrative capacity in waste management and prevention.


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