Waste management and prevention

Strengthening administrative capacity in waste management and prevention. The Work Package promotes training courses aimed at strengthening the capacity to upgrade and implement regional planning tools for waste management and prevention, in particular for those regions where the actions undertaken have been less effective.

A3.9 Classroom Training

Training activities will focus on:

  • Case histories of waste prevention measures, identified through specific study and analysis;
  • Analysis of sector legislation on waste planning and management and the tools for effective Regional Waste Management Plans (PRGR);
  • Illustration of a methodology to reconstruct both existing management systems at regional level and ATOs (Ambito Territoriale Ottimale – local planning offices) in order to verify, in organisational and infrastructure terms, the contribution each part of the system makes towards reaching legislative objectives, as well as specific objectives set out by regional planning offices:
  • Outlining alternative scenarios, with a view to improving the existing management system and ensuring the involvement of important social and economic actors;
  • Tools for monitoring the effectiveness of the plan with a view to including them in the PRGR.
A3.10 Coaching on the job

Delivered in ‘desk mode’ (distance learning) and/or ‘on-site’ (direct coaching) through the constitution of a supervision and support laboratory, aiming to devel-op and enhance the skills needed to upgrade and implement regional waste planning, as well as to define the tools for monitoring the plans.

A3.11 Drawing up Steering Documents

Drawing-up of documents to support training on the topics of direct waste prevention and waste management.


Directorate General

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