Sustainable and effective use of resources

WP The circular economy and sustainable and effective use of resources includes training activities aimed to improve the regions’ capability in: planning and managing the transition of local productive systems towards the circular economy, through the definition of integrated policy tools; enhancing the knowledge base on the consumption and use of extracted resources, both imported and exported, namely material flows between the environment and the anthropic system.

A3.1 Training in the circular economy and material flows

Organisation of seminars aimed:

  • analysing integrated policy tools for the circular economy including models of industrial symbiosis to encourage exchanges and partnerships, eco-design, (reparability-durability-reusability), financial instruments to support the circular economy with analysis of best practice;
  • providing relevant information for a correct reading and use of Physical Ac-counting tools with specific focus on:
    • opportunities from the implementation of material and energy flows in regional and national economic policies;
    • socio-economic metabolism and accounting of material flows at national and regional levels;
    • studies of material flows in regional development and cohesion policies;
    • official statistics to support regional activities.
A3.2 Strengthening the implementation of material flow analysis and training in integrated policies

Promoting the collection and analysis of data at regional level in order to de-fine the extension of material flow accounts to unused materials, and to build both emissions accounts and energy emissions accounts at local level. This activity also involves the practical application of product flow models, analysis of specific locally significant supply chains and calculation of carbon foot-print.

To promote training in integrated policies, by critically analysing strategies and sharing local best practices for the transition toward circular economy.

A3.3 Coaching on the job (on demand) for the implementation of material flows analysis and training on integrated policy for circular economy

Supporting regional PA employees in defining the integrated policy aimed at fostering transition processes towards the circular economy.


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