Line of intervention 2

Support for the integration of environmental sustainability goals in administrative actions designed to implement National Strategies

2030 Agenda

Promotes a balance between the three dimensions of sustainable development – social, economic and environmental – with a view to fostering a green and circular economy.

Marine Strategy

Among its goals, Agenda 2030 includes the preservation of oceans, seas and marine resources: Sustainable Development Goal - SDG 14.

National strategies

The adoption of Paris Agreement to combat climate change and the approval of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development represent a new model for growth and development, promoted by the United Nations and based on universality, participation and consistency of policy. In order to promote sustainable development in the implementation of public policy, the general goal of Line of Intervention 2 is to support the integration of environmental sustainability goals in administrative actions by implementing a strategic system at regional level connected with the 2030 Agenda as set out in the National Sustainable Development Strategy and extending the Marine Strategy systemically at local level.

Work Package

The actions set out in this line of intervention are broken down into two Work Packages

Implementation of 2030 Agenda
Implementation of 2030 Agenda

L2 National strategies - WP1

This WP promotes actions to help regions adopt the goals of 2030 Agenda within sustainable development strategies, consistent with the National Strategy for Sustainable Development.

Marina strategy
Marina strategy

L2 National strategies - WP2

Actions for achieving a good environmental state of the marine environment, applying the ecosystem-based approach.


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