Line of intervention 1

Including environmental requirements in public procurement procedures

Goods and Services

In Europe, Public Administration is one of the largest consumers of goods and services with a total annual expenditure of 2,000 billion Euros, equivalent to approximately 19% of EU GDP.

Spending Power

Using its spending power and the selection of goods, services and works for reduced environmental impact, PA is able to contribute to sustainability goals at local, regional, national and international level.

Sustainable Consumption

In order to promote sustainable consumption in PA, the general objective of the Line of intervention 1 is to encourage the development of common and efficient ecological criteria as well as sharing models to implement procurement rules with the inclusion of environmental, economic and social sustainability principles throughout the definition of multilevel approaches and execution of Green Public Procurement policies.

Work Package

This line of intervention envisages the following thematic WPs

Green Public Procurement (GPP)
Green Public Procurement (GPP)

L1 Green purchases - WP1

Specific actions aiming to introduce the principles of ecological public procurement and environmental sustainability into sectorial policies and strategies.

Phytosanitary products
Phytosanitary products

L1 Green purchases - WP2

Management of tenders for the weeding of railway lines, roads and highways, applying the National Plan for the sustainable use of phytosanitary products.


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